COLUMBIA LODGE #114 .... A.F.& A.M.

The Master's Message
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Craftsman,  For those that have not been to lodge for a while, come

As it has been said before, Masons do some of their best work on a full stomach. Ellen has agreed to supply the lodge with her great eats well worth the price of $8.00,  Family members are invited to dine with members. With this in mind, dinner is served at 6:00 pm on meeting nights which will continue to be on the fourth Thursday of each month with the exception of Thanksgiving.  

The membership and their families will be treated to social events as in the past. Some events will include the crab feed. Past Masters and widows will be honored. Columbia Lodge will host the Oaks Park picnic. Family members and friends will be invited to play BUNCO throughout the year.  In fact this will be open to everyone, young or old, so watch for more information and dates. 

Brothern, I will be asking all brothern to step-up.  This simply means be involved.  Columbia Lodge is your lodge. As we continue to grow we will be needing mentors and degree team members.  Let me know parts that you are intersted in helping with or parts that you have always wanted to learn. As they say “There are no small parts”.  


I am also reminding you that good communications are very important to a successful lodge.  That is why I am asking you to up-date your contact information.  This should include home phone and cell phone numbers. Your e-mail address will be very helpful to get to you all the current happings at the lodge. To do this simply e-mail me with the information needed and I will send you up-dates that will allow you to stay current.  



Ray Carroll 503-869-4951